A Day In The Dirt 14

Nov 29, 2011
Excited to finally make one of the moto industries best racing weekends.  "A Day In The Dirt", hosted by the Hollywood Film and Stunt Industry, put on by Troy Lee Designs and Red Bull.  In the past I've been ski racing, but now I have time for Thanksgiving week at home with family, friends, surfing and riding moto. Tony and I pulled in like the other 700 riders to line up in individiual and team races for 11/26-27.  This event draws all sorts of people who love to ride.  From 5 year olds, to pros, to stunt men and weekend warriors.  Everyone camps out and rides.  This is not a typical race. You get to ride a long track with 5 minute plus lap times for 40mins in individual motos to 90mins team races. 
I pulled off 5 motos and have blood blisters and flaps of skin on my hands to prove the track time. 

Tony and I celebrate David Pingree's Moto A Go Go Team Race WIN!

Steve and Mitch were an important part of Red Bull's crew who made it happen.

My first race on the KTM 350 '12, after a wash, pulling in a 3rd Vet Int 450 and 2nd Open Int.

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